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Spring Orientation Holds

When signing up for orientation using myOleMiss, a student may encounter a series of “holds” in the registration process. Please see the explanation of student holds below:

  • Housing Hold/PRIORITY: This hold must be cleared in order to register for an orientation session. A housing hold means that you need to apply for and pay your deposit for student housing. This must be done before you can register for orientation.
    • NOTE: Transfers should not have a housing hold; however, if you do, please contact the Student Housing Office at 662-915-7328. If you are not a freshman or are living within the accepted radius of campus, you can opt out of on-campus student housing.
  • Health Hold/NORMAL: This hold must be cleared in order to register for an orientation session. A health hold means that you need to fill out and submit the two required health forms: the certificate of compliance and health history to the Student Health Center.
  • Adviser Hold/NORMAL: An adviser hold means you need to meet with an adviser to plan your course schedule. This happens at orientation, and you do not need to schedule an appointment yourself ahead of time. Your hold will be cleared after you meet with your adviser. The orientation staff will schedule this for you. You do not need to contact the adviser beforehand.
  • Orientation Hold/NORMAL: This simply means that you have not yet signed up for an orientation session. When you do, the hold will be lifted automatically. If you are a new student and choose not to attend an orientation session, then you will be unable to register for classes and will still be charged the orientation fee. The only way to register for classes is to come to an orientation session and meet with your adviser then.

Please note that the above holds are related to orientation. Please contact the individual offices for any other holds.